One of the best ways we have found to introduce and describe critical illness insurance is not by having people read about it, but rather sit back and listen. As such, we have answered the 16 most frequently asked questions and concerns in an enjoyable and educational audio format.


I have been a client of MyDignity for almost 30 years and have had several life insurance policies through them. I have always found Miles Posner and Cynthia Schindler to be looking out for my best interests and utterly sincere in any dealings that we have had together. Over the years we have become close friends.

It is with some chagrin that I have to say that when Cynthia approached me several years ago about critical illness insurance, I was somewhat less than enthusiastic about the idea of purchasing this product. My wife and I were still fairly young and in good health. I thought that it was too expensive. I questioned the terms of the policy and thought that the definitions of the illnesses that the policy covered were pretty restrictive. For a couple of years I thought about it but did not want to go ahead with purchasing a policy. Cynthia and I discussed it several times.

I finally decided that it might be a good idea just because it would force me to put money into the policy. This would act as a savings vehicle since I could get a full return of premium after 10 or 20 years. In the meantime, if I ever needed it the policy would be there. I purchased a policy for myself and one for my wife. I never expected to need it, but then we never know what the future holds.

One and half years later my wife of almost 25 years was sent to the hospital for what we thought was a simple gall bladder problem. We were shocked at the diagnosis: Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer with metastasis. Having the policy gave us several options for possible treatment that might have been difficult otherwise, as money from the policy was quickly available. We looked at expensive treatments at top hospitals in the United States and also in other parts of the world, while at the same time starting treatment in Toronto. I investigated every available option that I could find with the knowledge that I would not have to mortgage the house to get treatment for her. Having the policy also gave us access to the “best doctors” option of the policy and Miles and Cynthia helped me get in touch with top specialists in the field of pancreatic cancer in North America. I was in touch with Cynthia or Miles almost daily and cannot praise them enough for their caring and compassion. Unfortunately my wife passed away after only six weeks, before any treatment could really help to prolong her life.

I highly recommend the critical illness insurance now to my family and friends. In fact I have even purchased it for my children (now in their late teens and early 20s) as the premiums are lower and they will have them paid off in twenty years. They even have the option of cashing them in if they ever need the money later in life. I had Cynthia come to the house and explain exactly what the benefits of having a policy were and all of my children agreed that it was a good idea to have this. I pray that we never need to use any of these policies again.

Dr. Stephen Haber