What are the chances in your lifetime of…

Losing a home to fire?
1 in 1200


Having a car accident?
1 in 240


Needing long term care?
Yes 70% of individuals 65 and over will require some type of long term care.

What Assistance Is Available To You?

The long term care assistance options are limited.  One can rely on the government, rely on their family and friends, plan with insurance, or pretend it won’t happen and hope for the best. Canadians would consider the differences between government help and planning with insurance as the two most viable options.


Rely on the Government

  • You are a recipient of care. No control over who treats you, when you receive care, or what services are provided.
  • Initial and ongoing eligibility is assessed by regulated Healthcare professionals and assistance may be declined or reduced.
  • No support for instrumental activities of daily living are provided such as laundry, grocery shopping, light housekeeping or meal preparation

Plan with Insurance

  • You are a consumer of care, you have 100% control over the who, when & what is provided.
  • Eligibility for benefits is immediate upon the completion of a simple claim form signed by your doctor
  • You have the flexibility to direct your care whether that is personal care, home making or community outings.

In summary, long term care insurance provides:

  • The necessary resources when you are no longer able to care for yourself
  • Freedom to choose and control the type of care you receive
  • Peace of mind knowing that the financial cost of your care is taken care of

In conclusion, insurance is the logical solution as government assistance is limited at best.  Unfortunately, many people mistakenly want to believe that the government will take care of them when the time comes that they can no longer take care of themselves.

How to Qualify for Benefits with Insurance?

There are 2 ways one qualifies for benefits:

  1. A monthly income or service becomes payable when the insured needs the help of another to accomplish at least two of the following activities of daily living (loss of independence): Transferring, Bathing, Dressing, Toileting, Continence and Eating


Generally one loses their broader mobility skills first, which affects transferring and bathing simultaneously, followed closely by the loss of finer motor skills, which in turn affects one’s ability to dress and feed themselves. The loss of self-toileting skills can be either a function of loss of mobility and balance or a consequence of the normal ageing process.

  1. A monthly income or service is also payable if the insured becomes cognitively impaired, i.e. has a loss of ability to reason, perceive, think, reflect or remember.

I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Miles Posner of MyDignity three years ago. Mr. Posner contacted me at my office to see if he could meet with me in regards to employee benefits. I had a broker that I had been working with for a few years. All of my personal insurance policies and company health benefits were with the same broker and everything seemed to be working well, so there was no need for changes. After speaking to Mr. Posner for a few minutes, I decided to meet with him and let him present his policy to me. This would give me an opportunity to see if I was in fact getting the best policy for my employees,

Mr. Posner and I meet to review the policy and, to my surprise, it was a much better policy and price than the one that had just been presented to me by my broker. Needless to say I signed the policy that was presented to me by Mr. Posner. When my broker found out that I had decided to proceed with Mr. Posner’s policy she asked me for another opportunity to quote. My response was “You already had your opportunity”! Since that time Mr. Posner has not only been my insurance broker but a great friend as well.

My husband suffered a heart attack last year. He had a critical illness policy, held by the other broker, so I contacted the broker and asked for assistance with the claim. My initial call to her found her on vacation in Florida, so I left a detailed voicemail and also spoke to her assistant requesting that he get the ball rolling for me. He explained that he would emall the necessary forms for me and the physicians to fill in. When I received the forms I realized that he had forwarded forms for disability and not critical illness. A week later I called my broker since I had not heard from her after leaving the detailed message. We spoke about the claim (she never once asked how my husband was doing) and I informed her that her assistant sent the wrong forms. She then emailed me the forms she said I would need to fill out, as well as the forms for the appropriate physicians. To my surprise she emailed me the same forms that her assistant sent me the previous week. Now I was no further ahead.

A few weeks went by and I was getting very frustrated with the lack of assistance I was getting with this claim. Mr. Posner called to follow up with the employee benefit policy and we also spoke about my frustrations with the other broker. He offered his assistance with the claim, but I felt a little odd asking for help with a policy that was held by another broker. I relayed my feeling to Mr. Posner, but he was not concerned and expressed that his only concern was to get this claim going. Mr. Posner joined me and my husband at our home to assist us with the paperwork. We worked together for several hours and finally got everything organized so that we could move forward with the claim. Mr. Posner and I kept in touch over the next few months until the claim had been completed with all the medical and hospital reports that we required. Mr. Posner continued to follow up with the insurance company to ensure that the claim was being processed. With the amazing assistance we received from Mr. Posner and his team, the insurance company paid out the policy.

Once the policy had been paid out and notification had been sent to my broker she called me and was patting herself on the back for selling us the policy. During our conversation I expressed my disappointment with the assistance I received from her office, explaining that I had to rely on someone else for the assistance that should have come from her and her team. To my surprise she just kept praising herself for selling us the policy and how we were going to benefit from the money we received, and believe it or not, she never once asked how my husband was doing. When I mentioned that fact to her, she responded by saying she knew he was okay because there had not been a claim on his life insurance policy. What a great response on her part! Miles Posner and his team at MyDignity have provided me with nothing but excellent service. They truly care. What an amazing team!

Diana Kisilosk