Cynthia Schindler
Director of Advertising & Public Relations Co-Director of Sales and Marketing
Phone: 416.410.4155 ext 222
Phone: 1.800.929.6606 ext 222

Cynthia’s professional background includes 10 years of practice as a Behavioral Geriatric Specialist in long-term care facilities.

During this time, she was chosen to be part of an elite federal government team whose mandate was to develop practices to improve the quality of life for those requiring assistance.

She quickly realized that the correlation between advocacy and financial resources was directly related to the quality of care one receives.  As a result, Cynthia made a bold move and entered the insurance brokerage market where she could better fulfill the need she knew existed.

For the last 20 years, she has successfully guided and educated people on the benefits of specialty insurance products.  The development of reflects her years of experience, understanding and caring for others.