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 provides insurance solutions for long term care health issues. We are one of the largest long term care and homecare assistance insurance providers in Canada.

Our hallmark is our team of specialists, each with an average of over 30 years of experience. We utilize the entire insurance marketplace to offer a variety of products, explain product similarities and differences, and help you make an intelligent decision on coverage that suits your needs.

Our company was created in 2009 specifically to concentrate on offering qualified, unbiased advice regarding long term care health issues and how they relate to insurance, noting there was and continues to be, a huge void in the industry. Most people mistakenly believe they can rely on their savings and/or government aid to protect them when their health begins to fail.  We recognized that there is a lack of awareness among Canadians and wanted to use our experience to offer a solution.

We quickly gained the support and endorsement of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) to educate and represent their members, who number in the hundreds of thousands.

Our fourfold goal was to create a product that:

  1. Is readily understandable and easy to obtain.
  2. Provides comprehensive coverage while still being affordable.
  3. Provides an alternative for those who would be declined in the traditional marketplace.
  4. Is underwritten through a highly regarded insurance carrier.

At the end of 2011, we accomplished what was considered to be a milestone in the insurance industry—selling the first ever individual simplified issue long term care policy in Canada—and met all of our goals. We continue to work diligently with insurance carriers to provide further offerings, improving on the plans we have created, and promoting education and awareness of the concerns both inside and outside of the industry.

Why? Because we believe that the procurement of a homecare assistance plan can be viewed as both the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the most considerate gift you can give to others.

Miles Posner

Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development including Sales and Marketing

Phone: 416.410.4155 ext 224
Phone: 1.800.929.6606 ext 224

Cynthia Schindler

Director of Advertising & Public Relations Co-Director of Sales and Marketing

Phone: 416.410.4155 ext 222
Phone: 1.800.929.6606 ext 222


This letter of recommendation is for Miles Posner of MyDignity. I have dealt with Miles for many years and he has assisted me in all aspects of my life insurance needs including disability and critical illness.

In and around 2001, I was diagnosed with a critical illness and disability, and as a result had to file a claim on my policies. With the assistance of Miles and his staff, my critical illness and disability policies were paid.

Miles has been an exemplary insurance advisor for me, and his compassionate and personal service has granted me the appropriate relief in my time of need.

Jacqueline Ang
I cannot begin to express how much I appreciated MyDignity’s wisdom, expertise and compassion. Without them, I could not have kept my dad in his own home.
Rev. Mike Kanegeisser
MyDignity’s family caregiver series was so helpful and supportive. I would encourage anyone who finds themselves in a “sandwich generation”
situation to attend.
Donna Keshavjee