The MyDignity value for Canadians

MyDignity has created proprietary insurance plans that provide the necessary resources for when you are no longer independently able to physically or mentally care for yourself.

MyDignity also conducts comprehensive reviews of the marketplace to ensure that you are fully educated regarding all of your care options, allowing you to make intelligent decisions with peace of mind.

The MyDignity Home Care Assistance plan is considered the Gold Standard and solution of choice for our future care as government assistance is limited at best. It allows you to pick, choose, and control the care you receive at home and not have to consider a long term care facility. People prefer to remain in their own home when they need assistance rather than a long term care facility because the quality of care at home is superior while one’s longevity is increased.

Watch Video: Home Care Assistance Explained in 5 minutes Video thumbnail: MyDignity Video

Watch our educational video that highlights health care concerns for Canadians. It assists in educating and driving home the fact that we all need to have a strategy for our future care.